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Spanish resources for toddlers (2 to 3)

Toddlers and babies require social interaction, smiling, chatting etc. things that can only be provided by humans. During this early stage, the best language resource is a responsive adult who takes care of the child’s communicative needs. 

Some helpful resources that can support you in creating a rich language environment for this stage include colourful picture books, songs, and other audio resources such as short stories and rhymes. 

At this stage, children like to physically interact with the books, feel them, play with them like toys. Even at a very young age, children are ready to listen to short stories, but parents can also use the books to point at images and describe them. 

Adivina cuanto te quiero- Kokinos is a beautifully illustrated album that in a simple and tender way teaches us that love is something so big that it cannot be measured.

La pequena oruga glotona is a classic story in many different languages about a hungry caterpillar who eventually turns into a butterfly

Por cuatro esquinitas de nada- Editorial Juventud is about a square who feels like he’s different from his round friends. It is a story about friendship and diversity.

Con locura- Edelvives is a beautiful book, which tells the story of a cat with a fish, talking about affection.

A story about teamwork Shhh tenemos un plan- Coleccion Milratones is about a team trying to hunt their prey but the youngest one always warns the prey so it can flee before the rest of the team get to it.

Libros de Julia Donaldson: Gruffalo… is another classic that is loved in many languages. This award-winning rhyming story of a mouse and a monster has found its way into the hearts and bedtimes of an entire generation of children and will undoubtedly continue to be loved by children all over the world for years to come