How to support reading in two languages


2nd February 2022, 7 pm
Reading does not occur naturally and it is an activity that requires support and explicit teaching. It is also a great asset for multilingual speakers, often neglected because it is complex to support.
In this talk, we will look at the challenges in reading in a minority language. We will look at both data from research and good practices adopted at schools and in families to support biliteracy.
There will be an opportunity for discussion and Q&A.

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Maria Garraffa is an Associate Professor in Psycholinguistics with a PhD in Cognitive Science and a Degree in Linguistics. Applied in nature, her research focuses on language acquisition in different socially and cognitively deprived circumstances, such as the case of immigrant children, children with learning impairments and speakers of minority languages. She is the leader of the Language across the Life Span Lab in Norwich, UK (


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