How to maintain your child’s heritage language during the school years


7th October 2021, 8 pm

Have you noticed that your child speaks less in their heritage language and more in English since they started school? Are you worried about its development and not sure whether to focus on English or the heritage language to support your child in school?
In this webinar, we will discuss ways to develop your child’s heritage language despite the growing competition from English in various contexts: school, peers, free-time activities. We will also discuss the benefits of developing and maintaining the heritage language for school success and present strategies to grow the language so that it supports their schoolwork.
As literacy is the area of focus at the start of primary school, we will also talk about its role in heritage language maintenance and ways to encourage children to read and write in both languages.
This webinar is designed for parents/carers of children between the ages of 4 and 11.

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Dr Bozena Dubiel, PhD is a lecturer and researcher at Technological University Dublin where she lectures on the Early Childhood Education programme. Her main research areas include bilingual language acquisition in children, language education and heritage linguistics, and she supervises undergraduate and postgraduate research in the broad fields of linguistics and education. Bozena is also a secondary school teacher of English, registered with the Teaching Council, and prior to her PhD studies, she worked as a language teacher and teacher trainer at the primary and secondary school level as well as in the private sector.


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