Dictation in the 21st century multilingual classroom


9th February 2021, 7.30 pm
Do you remember dictation from your primary school days? Does this bring shivers down your spine? Why does dictation have such a bad reputation? In this workshop, we will share our experiences and views on dictation, and we will discuss how dictation has changed over the years and is now a wonderful tool to develop literacy but also communication skills in the classroom. We will explore the various purposes and uses of dictation, and we will look at different types of activities that can be used in the multilingual classroom, from the running dictation to the Dictogloss. By the end of this practical workshop, you will be ready to embrace communicative, learner-centred dications in your own classroom.

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Anne-Sophie Cocault is an ESOL teacher and Cambridge-accredited teacher trainer with over 15 years of experience in Central Europe, the Middle East, Ireland and the UK. She is now based in Belfast where she works with various schools and agencies to support newcomer pupils and families.
She also trains educators in the field of literacy and the role of home languages in English language learning. She runs a multilingual story club called Tongues and Tales where people come and share stories and songs in various languages. In her free time, she collects international children’s books and will read stories to whoever will listen!


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