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Non native speakers can raise bilingual children

Did you know that many of the world’s English language users are not native speakers of English?
For so many years language learners have strived to become “like a native speaker”, with flawless grammar and pronunciation. Nowadays more and more people are realising the immense value of knowing more than one language and parents might decide that they want their child to at least get the foundation of a language other than the one spoken by the parents. In Ireland, it is also common to find parents who are not native speakers of Irish and would like their young children to start being exposed to Irish from birth. Even after having studied Irish for many years, parents are often concerned that their level of Irish is not good enough to speak the language to their children.

So can you still raise a bilingual child if you are not a native speaker of a language? Of course you can, and your child can be as successful as the child of a native speaker.

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