Learning Together Labs

With over 10 years’ experience supporting bilingual and multilingual families, you can rely on Mother Tongues’ range of courses for parents and educators who want to support the linguistic development of children living with more than one language.

Our online Learning Together Labs grow your knowledge, allowing parents to feel confident in their linguistic strategies and teachers to feel prepared for their multilingual classroom.

All our Learning Together Labs are led by expert professionals with years of experience working in multilingual settings.

Each Learning Together Lab will be based on the latest research-based information, and will equip participants with practical skills, actionable tips and scientific knowledge.

We are the Ireland’s only non-for-profit delivering Learning Together Labs in the area of bilingualism and language development for parents and education professionals, and our Labs reach thousands of participants each year.

Search for the Learning Together Lab that is right for you today or book a bespoke session for your school or your group.

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