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Hungarian Books in your Library

Children require social interaction, smiling, chatting etc. things that can only be provided by humans. During this early stage, the best language resource is a responsive adult who takes care of the child’s communicative needs. Some helpful resources that can support you in creating a rich language environment for this stage include colourful picture books, songs, and other audio resources such as short stories and rhymes. Today we have compiled a list of our favourite Hungarian books available in public libraries in Ireland. 

0-4 years old

Hóc, hóc, katona – Bölcsődések verseskönyve – Bölcsődések verseskönyve. This book is full of rhymes, songs and poems. It is perfect for young children just starting to communicate. 

Masa és az eső. This cute story is about a bear who doesn’t know what to do because it’s raining outside. Again this book is very popular with young children who love stories. 

Nagy hisztikönyv. This book is a compilation of short stories about the daily struggles children go through with their parents. For example, not wanting to brush their teeth or go to bed on time or get up in the morning. The book tries to find solutions to these problems through stories.

Tündérzene: Csiribi és Panka. Panka and Chiribi are two fairy friends. musical instruments play the lead role this time around. A restless cricket violin player shows up why a horn is useful, whether dragons can play the flute, and what instrument the mermaids play.

5-8 years old

Mikulás ​és a varázsdob. This is a lovely Christmas story by the famous Finnish illustrator Mauri Kunnas. The story is about solving a mystery and saving the day. This is the perfect festive story for young children. 

Allati leg-ek / Miro Radnik. This book is all about interesting animal facts. Which animal is the largest on Earth: the blue whale or the monkey? Can a rabbit live longer than a turtle? Why did the lazy bear decide to sleep through the summer?  All these questions and more feature is this book, ideal for young animal lovers. 

Csütörtök a kisördög , Dániel Varró. This collection of poems is all about a mischievous group of kids creating havoc around the house and their poor mum trying to find out who is doing all of this. Great for young children this book will definitely keep them entertained. 

Nádtengeri rejtélyek: Lengemesék Judit Berg. This story is different from the others as the child decides how the story goes. Depending on what you decide you can make lots of different stories and go on lots of different adventures. In total there are seven different stories in one book so lots to choose from.

9-13 years old

Legszebb Grimm mesekThis book is part of the Grimm fairytales series. These stories were written by the German Grimm brothers. They take classic fairy tales but rewrite them with a darker twist. This is definitely more suitable for older children but it is still very well-loved and popular around the world. 

Artemis Fowl: es az orokkod / Eoin Colfer; translation by Gergely SepseiThe Fowl Adventures is a series of ten dark fantasy novels written by Irish author Eoin Colfer revolving around various members of the Fowl family.  It has been translated into Hungarian by Gergely Sepsei. If your child has already read the original English version this is a great opportunity for them to improve their Hungarian but even if they haven’t read the English version it is a very popular series enjoyed by children in Ireland and abroad.  

Rumini Judit BergRumini is a true adventure novel, it is full of pirates and sea creatures. All about fun and adventure this story is perfect for any adventure-loving kids.  

A szagtalan betörő. Nózi nyomoz sorozat. A strange thief is raging in the Kikerics housing estate: valuable objects disappear one after the other, but the perpetrator leaves no trace. Nowhere is a stretched buckle, nowhere is a fingerprint or muddy shoe sole. Keep up with Nosy and his friends, solve the mystery of the untraceable thief! Another adventure mystery story where you can be a part of solving the crime. 

These are some Hungarian books we have picked out. There are so many different kinds of stories available in many different languages, not just Hungrain so there’s something for everyone. Check out ‘Libraries Ireland’ catalogue to see the full range of what’s available in your local library.