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Getting to know each other in our multilingual class

Aoife McCarrick


“Teach me and I’ll remember, involve me and I’ll learn”- Benjamin Franklin. 
One day as I was taking a break from schoolwork, I stumbled across this quote online. It resonated with me as it embodies the inclusive nature of activities which encourage children to develop a sense of pride in their mother tongues. 

If you are reading this blogpost, you are clearly passionate about using linguistic diversity as a tool to create an inclusive classroom, but you may not know how to actually achieve this. Fear not! I am here to help you! What I love about these activities is that they can be adapted and implemented into any third, fourth or fifth class. This lesson creates a space for all children to share their language experiences. The learning outcomes are greatly focused on children’s social and emotional development. This means that you must reassure children that it is okay if they are unable to spell or pronounce the greetings correctly. 

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