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Supporting the child with EAL in the early years

These sessions have been created for teachers and practitioners who are interested in the themes of migration, inclusivity, language learning and child development in multicultural families.

Our second online meeting: Supporting Children with EAL in early years and lower primary will take place on Thursday, 25th of November at 7 pm via Zoom (free but registration needed, see below).  This will be the second of four sessions before the end of the year. While the common theme is supporting migrant children and families, each session is a standalone session. You are welcome to attend as many sessions as you want out of the four.

This time, we were delighted to visit the Early Language and Learning Lab in DCU which examines the ways in which early educational environments contribute to young children’s development and learning  Please, watch the two videos on Supporting Children with EAL prior to our live discussion next week with the participants and experts interviewed. These discussion sessions will be a safe space to share lived experiences and will be used as a medium for exchange and Q&A from the speakers and experts featured in the videos.

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The speakers featured in the videos are:
Dr Sinéad McNally, Assistant Professor in Psychology (Early Childhood), DCU’s IoE
Ms Weiyi Liu, Early Childhood Educator and postgraduate researcher at DCU’s IoE
Ms Emma Reilly, Literacy Coordinator at CDI and postgraduate researcher at DCU’s IoE
Ms Christina O’Keeffe, Primary School Teacher and postgraduate researcher (DCU Education Trust) at DCU’s IoE

Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions:

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25 Nov 2021


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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