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Assessing language development and difficulties in pupils with EAL

These sessions have been created for teachers and practitioners who are interested in the themes of migration, inclusivity, language learning and child development in multicultural families.

Our third online meeting: Children who are new to English: assessing language development and language difficulties will take place on Monday, 6th of December at 7 pm via Zoom (free but registration needed, see below).  This will be the third of four sessions before the end of the year. While the common theme is supporting migrant children and families, each session is a standalone session. You are welcome to attend as many sessions as you want out of the four.

This time, we were delighted to meet Annie Asgard, English Language Support Teacher and Assistant Principal in a primary school in Galway, and chairperson of ELSTA Ireland (English Language Support Teacher’s Association of Ireland), to talk about assessing the progress of language development in pupils with EAL. Ms Annie Asgard shares some real-life examples of language interactions that are common in pupils with EAL, when to worry and what to do next in the school context.
Please, watch the video prior to our live discussion. These discussion sessions will be a safe space to share lived experiences and will be used as a medium for exchange and Q&A from the expert featured in the videos.

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06 Dec 2021


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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  • Annie Asgard
    Annie Asgard
    English Language Support Teacher

    Annie Asgard is an English Language Support Teacher in Claddagh National School in Galway City.
    She has been active in the area of English as an Additional Language teaching since 2006. She is currently
    an Assistant Principal II with responsibility for the English as a Language student cohort and is also the Equality and Diversity Liaison.
    Her mother tongue is Farsi and she learned English at school.