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We are an Irish family with a French background on my part. My mother is French, and I grew up in a bilingual home. When my Irish husband and I had our first son, Dara, 5 years ago, I didn't speak French to him. I deeply regretted it when we went on holiday to France and he couldn't communicate with his French cousins. When we had our second child, Amelie, 18 months ago, I was thinking about the idea of speaking French to her but I didn't have the motivation because I thought perhaps it was too late for me to start, until I read a wonderful article written by Soraya Sobrevía in Mother Tongues. She wrote about the joy of her daughters growing up in Ireland, being able to speak her mother tongue of Spanish. The article inspired me to do the same so I started speaking French to my daughter. I also became a member of Mother Tongues as I needed guidance to figure out how best to support both my children to learn my home language. I have found the online webinars and toolkits very useful and the facilitators are excellent at answering my specific questions to meet the needs of my family. And most of all, I am already beginning to see results.

Céline, Dublin

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